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We achieve significant results by working with a wide range of multilateral partners. Their reach, specialization, and other strengths help us meet our objectives for capacity development in member countries. In turn, they gain from our extensive knowledge of the region's training needs …
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CEF Online Learning Campus

Strengthening Budget Execution

E-learning: November 14 – 28, 2016

SEE countries face challenges in ensuring budget credibility, regulation, and implementation, leading to frequent budget amendments, arrears and ineffective use of financial resources...

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Watch the video: Brendan McCarron on Organizational Change.


  • Putting leadership into context

    November 29, 2016 by Gašper Pleško

    In management literature the importance of leadership has been gaining recognition since the beginning of the twentieth century. In recent years and at the backdrop of the 2008 economic crisis, its role has gained even greater significance and the availability of ‘expert advice’ has grown exponentially. Nowadays it almost seems as if everything has become a topic of leadership. By looking from afar,…

  • Can communities of practice learn online?

    November 15, 2016 by Ajda Turk

    Nowadays, information and opportunities for gaining new skills and knowledge are everywhere. Not just in a library, education center, university or company but also in the internet. Online learning as a phrase has even become part of marketing campaigns, politics, and civil initiatives. Typing the acronym MOOC (Massive Open Online Learning Course) into Google, gives 11,900,000 results in just 0,4 seconds.…